A bit about me

I am a London-based journalist specialising in science and technology. I have reported on mind-reading devices, artificial intelligence and prime numbers, amongst other things. I have broken news stories, including a huge data leak at the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and video game disorder becoming officially recognised. And I have interviewed amazing people, such as David Attenborough, Demis Hassabis and Kate Crawford.

I am New Scientist's Executive Editor and co-host the flagship weekly podcast. Previously, I was Deputy US editor, jointly responsible for setting up and running the highly successful New York bureau.

I have written two popular science books about mathematics. One is a radical retelling of the history of mathematics co-authored with Kate Kitagawa and the other is about how mathematics is used today. I have a masters in mathematics and a PhD in computer science. I regularly appear on WNYC's Science Friday, a radio show and podcast with millions of listeners.

A few highlights


The Secret Lives of Numbers

I have co-authored a book with the incredible historian of mathematics Kate Kitagawa. As the Financial Times put it: it is "a book to make you love maths".
Available for purchase here: UK, US.

New Book Project

New Scientist Weekly

I am currently overseeing New Scientist's podcasts, including co-hosting the flagship weekly news round-up show New Scientist Weekly with Christie Taylor.
You can listen to the show on your favourite podcast app.

Demmis Hassibis

Escape Pod

To help people through lockdown I was one of the hosts of a weekly podcast called Escape Pod. It was a virus-free zone dedicated to a fascination and love of science. A few of my favourite episodes featured music, Hilbert’s infinite hotel and unsung heroes. May one day return for a second season soon.

Escape Pod

Another book

Remarkably, there are still a few copies of my debut book Man vs Maths (2016, Aurum Press) remaining. It’s a light-hearted tour through modern mathematics and it is beautifully illustrated by Joe Lyward. You can pick up copies from most good book shops and online.

Old Book Project

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